About Color Horror

Color Horror is a fun action and arcade game. Control your square to collect squares of the same color and avoid colliding with other colored squares.

Avoid colliding with squares of different colors. Collect squares of the same color to win points. In this game, you will transform into a square block that has the ability to create contours when moving. Your square character will move automatically. Your task is to navigate this square to avoid colliding with obstacles and collect useful objects. Note that you can only touch colored arc tiles. If you touch a tile of a different color, the game is over. Occasionally, your character will change color. Please note!

To control it, you just need to left-click to change direction. Each click is a change of direction so you need to look around carefully and click only when you are sure that there are no other colored squares in your way. In particular, you will see squares along the way that will have numbers. It's your point to collect them. Besides, you can bump the edges of the playing screen. In the event of a collision, the two sides will automatically pop out.

This game is endless so you only die when you collide with different colored squares. Try to score as high as possible. The game has unique graphics with countless squares of different colors. The squares have all colors like blue, red, pink, yellow, etc. Let's join the game and try your hand at this game.

However, this game is considered a horror game because every time you die, a scary demon face will appear to scare you. Those are monstrous faces with scars and scary teeth. They will appear with a screaming sound.

Tips to play

  • Move to large areas
  • Collect as many colored bows as possible
  • Priority to collect the cells with great value
  • Take advantage of the sides of the playing screen to create zigzag lines

How to control: Click your mouse to change the direction of your character.


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