About Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure

Play Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure to experience a horror-driving game. Drive a car in silence. Hide the terrible old lady until she is gone.

In this game, you will transform into a boy named Jamie. He is a brave person and curious about everything around him. One day, the boy was curious about a dense forest. The boy decided to go to the forest. Then he discovers scary truths in this forest. Can you face the horrors on your way?

This forest has not been visited for a long time. In other words, no one dared to enter. There are creepy rumors about the forest. Anyone who enters this forest cannot return. Out of curiosity, Jamie decided to drive and go into the forest. What will he discover from this forest? Let's go with him!

Your Missions in Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure

Your task is to drive the car without any sound. This game has the most unusual gameplay in the Evil Nun series. For example, in Evil Nun Scary Horror Creepy Game, you have to escape from the scary house. However, this horror game carries the category of survival driving.

In this game, a warning sign will appear on the screen while you are on the go. Please stop and turn off the lights immediately. Wait until the warning sign goes away. You can continue driving when the forward warning appears. If you don't turn off the lights and stop the car in time, you will fail. Never attempt to drive when a warning sign appears. At that moment, the monsters appeared. They will see you if you turn on the light and move. Monsters will kill your character.

How many levels can you experience in Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure?

When you play Five Nights At Freddy's, you'll be participating in the nights. This adventure game is brought back to you at each level. There are 10 levels in Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure. Try to drive to the finish line to pass the levels. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Ghosts will appear more through each level. Why don't you click on the game to help the brave boy overcome the terrible roads? Hope you can pass all the levels and reach the finish line safely.


This horror game has simple mechanics and easy controls. You just need to use the WASD keys to navigate the box too. Click the on-screen light on/off button.


How old can play Evil Nun?

People 12 years of age and older can play the Evil Nun series of games. In the game Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure, this age requirement is also above 12. The game has horror elements so it is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

Who is the main character in Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure?

In Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure, the main character is Jamie, a brave and curious boy. The boy decided to explore a scary forest. Use your car and go into the deep forest. Will the boy discover the mysteries of the forest?


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