About Evil Nun Schools Out

In Evil Nun Schools Out, you need to escape from a terrible school with Nun's discovery after 5 days. Keep quiet to be safe! Nun can hear you.

Have you ever explored abandoned schools? Have you been to schools that have rumors of their haunting? Come to this game for a chance to experience 5 days in an abandoned school under the protection of a scary nun. Abandoned schools often appear in spooky movies. Now, it will be the main setting of this game. The classrooms are empty. Corridors collapsed. Not a single student here. Darkness surrounds this school. Can you escape this school or not?

You are lost in a dark school and you need to wait 5 days before being rescued. Try to survive as long as possible! Hide under the table or under the bed to hide from the nun's detection. You can also collect useful items to fight and escape. However, be careful. Don't make any noise. Keep quiet because the nun can hear you.

This game is based on a horror theme with engaging gameplay. If you are a lover of the horror adventure game genre then Evil Nun Schools Out game, you may also like Five Nights At Freddy's game. Both these games are ideal for you to experience thrilling adventures. period to survive. Your mission is to survive 5 nights and resist the pursuit of strange creatures.

Tips to play

  • Keep as quiet as possible
  • Collect useful items
  • Run as fast as you can when you see the nun's sign coming up


What is Evil Nun Schools Out?

Evil Nun Schools Out is a thrilling action game. You will get lost in a horror school. To survive 5 nights, you need to hide from the nun's pursuit.

What does the nun look like?

The image of the nun can be haunting for many players. The nun is a stranger. She still wears black clothes and a white scarf. However, her face was covered in blood. Especially, around her mouth. The nun had a wide mouth and was always smiling in a scary way. Besides, red eyes will also make you obsessed. The nun looked at everything like fat food.

How to control

Escape Controls

  • WASD to move 
  • F to interact/hide/use item 
  • G to drop item 
  • T to Unhide Escape pausing 
  • Left CTRL to crouch 

Shooter controls

  • WASD to walk around 
  • Mouse to Look around 
  • Left Mouse Button to Fire 
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim 
  • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons 
  • G for Grenades 
  • R to Reload 
  • F to Pickup Items
  • Left Shift to Run 
  • Left CTRL to Crouch 
  • X to Prone 
  • Space to Jump


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