About Fish Eat Fish

The coloured fish under the water and you also are a small fish. The lives of these fish are very hard. The smaller fish will be the food for others. In the beginning, you are very small. Therefore, you always have to move carefully and avoid all big fish. You only can eat small fish. When you eat them, your size also levels up and be bigger. Besides playing the game, you also have a chance to see the beautiful sea and colourful fish. Some fish are very impressive, but they are extremely dangerous. 

The rules of Fish Eat Fish

Coming to the game, you have to follow the natural rule which is fish eat fish. You must be stronger to kill the big fish. It takes time to turn into a powerful fish. In the beginning, you only can eat the smallest fish. Then, your size will increase gradually thanks to eating them. The bigger your fish is, the more fish you can eat. 

You also face the people under the water. They will hunt all the fish in the sea. If you touch them, the game will end. Don't too worry, just be calm. Move cleverly to find food and avoid all dangers. Good luck!

The special thing in Fish Eat Fish

This game is a 3-player game which allows three people to play the game on one device. Therefore, you and your friend will have fun together. You also play alone by just controlling one of three fish. Are you ready to become king of the marine world? If yes, let's play the game. You will have a relaxing time with this game. 

Some characteristics of Fish eat Fish

  • The game is playable on web browsers. Therefore, you can play on a desktop or smartphone.
  • The game has beautiful graphics with many strange fish.
  • The more fish you eat, the more points you get. The game will show your highest score on the main menu.

How to control

  • Player 1: use the arrow keys to move
  • Player 2: use WASD to move
  • Player 3: use the mouse to move.


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