About Five Night At Freddy's 4


Five Night At Freddy's 4 is a horror game where you have to face the terrible robot monsters. You need to survive in the nightmare and defeat the monsters. 

The background is in a kid’s room and you are the kid. You are at home alone and there are the robot monsters. They can kill you anytime. So, you need to stay alive before the party started. In the room, there are three doors and the monsters can come from any door. Therefore, you need to listen carefully. If you hear the odd sound from any doors, let’s come and close them or turn on a flashlight to prevent the monster attack you. The monster is not only come from the door but also from the bed. You need to concentrate to listen to the sounds and turn on the flashlight when it is necessary. Your task is to survive 5 days. The nightmare will last from 12 a.m to 6 a.m. 

Let’s come to the game to help the poor kid survive the robot monsters. Good luck! 

Features of Five Night At Freddy's 4

  • Horror game 
  • The game isn’t for children or kids 
  • 3D graphics attract players
  • The sound effect and music are good

How to play

  • Press the control button on your keyboard to use a flashlight
  • Press shift to close the door 
  • Click on the location to move to it

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