About Five Night At Freddy's 5


Five Night At Freddy's 5 is the 5th version of the Five Night At Freddy series. In this part, a girl has to hide to avoid getting caught by robot monsters.

You are finding a game to try your brave, Five Night At Freddy's 5 can do it. In this part, you are a girl who has to hide in the staff room because the monsters are finding her to kill. You must always look around to sure that the lights are on. If the lights are off, turn on the light switches on two sides. Moreover, you can look at the camera to know the monsters’ location will appear. When the monsters come, you can turn on the light to prevent them come close. You also put on the robot disguise because the monster will not attack the robot. Don’t let the lights off as everything will be dark and you are in danger. 

Come to the game and experience the nervous feeling and help the poor girl escape from terrible monsters. 

Features of Five Night At Freddy's 5

  • The horror game isn’t for children or kids 
  • The sound effects and music is good 
  • Hide from the monsters

How to play

  • Click the mouse on the light switches to turn on the lights
  • Click the mouse on the buttons on the screen to put on the robot disguise and see the camera

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