About Five Night At Freddy's 5

Five Nights At Freddy's 5 is the 5th version of the FNAF series. In this part, you need to overcome the missions of each room with new animatronics.

Similarities and Differences between FNAF 5 and Previous FNAF

Known as the most popular and classic horror game series, Five Nights At Freddy's series continue to release the fifth version. This version marks an improvement in this horror series. For example, in the first version, Five Nights At Freddy's required you to work the night shift at the pizzeria. You will be in the management room to observe everywhere through the camera. This version gives you something new compared to the previous 4 versions.

In this fifth version, you can move into rooms and perform quests. Each room has its own mission. They will change every five nights. Use your abilities to complete all 5 nights. Winning will help you unlock additional features. Like Five Nights At Freddy's 2, after each night, you can play a minigame. You also can unlock the map and menu access to the Cupcake minigame. In this version, Circus Baby is responsible for baking cakes for children. In particular, Circus Baby had to give ice cream to a little girl. If you complete this minigame, you can access the 5th-night secret level.

Moreover, you can unlock custom mode for the night. This mode is set in the secret room of Night 5. You can set the difficulty with the different numbers of animatronics. you can also decide which energy source you can use in this version. A cutscene awaits you after completing all these missions. Besides, you can get rewards. The highest reward is 4 stars. Can you win this admirable reward? Always make sure you stay out of the way of the animatronics!

This fifth version was released linking the plot to previous FNAF versions. If you want to learn each version, move to Five Nights At Freddy's to start from the first game!

FNAF5’s Characters 


  • Circus Baby doesn't show up often. However, you will hear her voice throughout the game. With short red hair and a scary baby face, this character always impresses players whenever he appears.
  • HandUnit is a robot in the Sister Location. He doesn't attack you. He always gives you tips for getting through the rooms safely.
  • Ballora appears on nights with small Minireenas. Her purpose is to frighten you.
  • Funtime Freddy appears with a small puppet. You have to maintain him the night.
  • Bidybabs are shaped like small children. They appear in a terrifying group.
  • Funtime Foxy appears opposite Ballora. He is always ready to attack you at any time.
  • Ennard is the most mysterious of this Sister Location game. However, you can find the secret about this robot at the end of the game.


Is there going to be an FNAF 6?

The game FNAF 6 was released in April 2017. You can easily find this 6th edition on online platforms.

Is Sister Location a real place?

Sister Location is a virtual location. This is the name of the fifth version of the Five Nights At Freddy's series with the main character being Circus Baby.

How to control: Click on the keypad following the guidance.


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