About Five Nights At Old Toy Factory 2020

Play Five Nights At Old Toy Factory 2020 to fight strange creatures using your weapons! Try to survive five nights at a terrible factory! Good luck!

Inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's, this game will bring you the memorable experience of 5 brought in an old factory. This game is set in a factory where gloom always surrounds it. No one knows how much danger is inside this factory. However, have you ever asked about the similarities and differences between this game and the FNAF versions? This game is also a 5-night survival game. However, this survival game also has its differences from FNAF. For example, in Five Nights At Freddy's 2, there are minigames that let you learn the game's plot. In contrast, this game does not. And, there are many other differences waiting for you.

However, you are a brave man. These do not hinder your walk. No matter how dangerous it is, you will always be able to move on. Come to this game to prove it!

Main Mission in the Five Nights At Old Toy Factory 2020 game 

This game is for the brave and daring. You are a guard in an old toy factory. Your task is to focus on observing the surroundings. However, you have to work at night. That will make you face scary challenges. At night, this toy factory will happen strange things.

At 12 am, some peculiar creatures come and want to kill you. Besides, the toys in the factory have life. They all want to attack and destroy you. You have to find a way to survive until 6 am. Kill the scary toys before you get killed. You should always look around to spot opponents and kill them. Be careful with your blood! If your health bar runs out, you lose. You should avoid battles with monsters. Your health can be restored to 100. So take some time to have a full health bar.

Moreover, you need to spend 5 nights at this horror factory. Every night there will be a revolt against the toys. Use the weapons you have to destroy them. There are several levels for you to play and try. Come to the game and have a funny feeling. Good luck!

More Information 

This game has 4 primary weapons. You can collect them while exploring the factory. Use them to attack strange creatures when they come to attack you.

List of weapons

  • Bottle
  • Lead pipe
  • Hammer
  • Glock 17

How to control

  • Use the WASD key or arrow keys to move to
  • Drag the mouse to look around 
  • Left mouse button to attack enemies
  • Right mouse button to avoid enemies’ attacks 
  • Left Shift to run Left Ctrl to crouch 
  • Press the Space key to jump

This game was produced in April 2020 by Poison Games. If you want to challenge yourself with new games of the same genre, you can try Five Nights At Freddy's. In addition, this game has simple mechanics and easy controls. Right-click to block enemy attacks. Left click to attack the monsters. The game's graphics are not considered excellent. However, the simple pictures of the factory always leave you impressed. The old and gloomy cannot be hidden through each frame of this game.


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