About Jeff The Killer The Hunt For The Slenderman


Jeff The Killer The Hunt For The Slenderman is an active game where you are a killer. Your task is to kill the slender man who kills all your victims.

In this game, you are a killer and you come back to your hometown but a terrible thing happens. Slenderman kill your brother and your victims. That makes you angry and you decide to hunt a slender man. However, the slender man hide in a town, you need to find out about him first. On your way, you need to fight the zombies which are commanded by a slender man. The zombies are very crowded, you need to collect all the useful items like guns, ammo, etc. Your health is limited, try to avoid the zombies and complete the missions. There are many levels with different missions and you need to finish all of them to find and kill the slender man. 

The game is for brave people who want to hunt slender man. Let’s pass all levels and kill the slender man. Good luck! 

Features of Jeff The Killer The Hunt For The Slenderman

  • Kill the zombies, slender man
  • Horror game with many levels
  • 3D graphics bring the vivid background, characters 

How to play

  • Press WASD to walk around 
  • Move the mouse to look around 
  • Click the left mouse button to attack 
  • Click the right mouse button to aim 
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons 
  • Press F key to pick up items 
  • Press left Shift to run 
  • Press left CTRL to crouch 
  • Press space bar to jump

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