About NextDoor

NextDoor is a fascinating horror game where you need to learn about your neighborhood. Strange sounds came from the woman's mysterious room.

This game is a horror action game. It was released in April 2021 based on Junji Ito's manga, Mimi's Ghost Stories.

The story is about a girl. While she was studying, her neighbor played loud music. The girl decided to complain to them. That sound came from an upstairs room. She went up and talked to the owner of the room. The owner of the room is a guy. Through dialogue with him and his neighbor, she discovers a mysterious dining room. It was the room of the women in black. They never made a sound or even said hello. The room was full of doubts. In one chance, you discovered the shocking secret of that room. What is that secret? Let's start the game and explore!

The secret of the game

You see the other guy panicking at the bottom of the stairs. You go into his room and find out. There is a hole in the wall where you can see the mysterious room. Out of curiosity, you looked over. The scary truth is exposed. There are no women in black. Instead, there was only one person. She is not like a normal person. The woman's body is like a robot. Parts of the body can be removed and changed. You panic and make noises. As a result, the woman spotted you. You ran to your room but the woman gave chase. What will happen to the girl?

How to control

In this game, you will be guided and follow the author's plot. Let's follow the story and find out! You just need to use arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to interact. Game NextDoor will bring you scary but entertaining moments when playing.


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