About Pen Pineapple Five Nights At Freddy's

Pen Pineapple Five Nights At Freddy's is a fun shooting game. Fight with Devil Fruits and Freddy. Your weapon is a magic pen used to kill the fruits.

In November 2017, this game was released, bringing massive popularity to the genre. It belongs to the shooting arcade game genre. In particular, this version of the game is a unique combination between Pen Pineapple and the horror Five Nights At Freddy's game. The fruits become evil. The animatronics are equally aggressive. Use the pen to destroy them. In addition, like the name of this game, pineapple will appear frequently in this game. 

Gameplay in Pen Pineapple Five Nights At Freddy's

Your weapon is a magic pen. Tap or click to throw the pen at fruits and monsters. Some monsters have gold on them. Great rewards will come to you after defeating them. There's a little trick for you. Wait for the fruit and the animatronics to move to the center of the screen. Then throw the pen to kill them. You should be careful with some monsters that move at high speed. They move from side to side and don't stop. In this situation, it requires you to use your judgment to guess their direction. Destroying them is easy if you can understand the movement rules of these monsters.

You have to make every shot consecutively. If you miss, you have to start over. On the contrary, you will get points after each successful shot. After defeating fruits or animatronics, you will move to the next level. The next level will have new enemies. Shoot them all down and get the highest score. 

Note that some characters have armor. These characters will have two armor plates above and below. Each shot will destroy one of their armor plates. On average you need to use 3 shots to destroy these fruits. Shoot several times to destroy them!

Furthermore, you can get gold coins from the game. Use earned coins to unlock new pens.

Now use your extraordinary skills to defeat all the evil fruits and monsters.

Pen Pineapple Five Nights At Freddy's will help you relax after a long day. The game is suitable for playing in leisure time to relax and entertain. All ages can play the game. This game offers excellent sounds. You can hear ghost sounds with the Five Nights At Freddy's 2 theme.

How to control: Mouse click to shoot your pen.

Tips to play Pen Pineapple Five Nights At Freddy's

  • Aim carefully before shooting
  • Wait for the character to move to the center of the screen
  • Shoot multiple times against armor characters
  • Concentrate and avoid stars because of monstrous sounds

Game Characters


This game has many different characters. They are divided into two groups: Fruit and FNAF. You can see pictures of apples and pineapples. These fruits appear alternately. Sometimes they appear at the same time. In addition, you can see the appearance of the FNAF animatronics. Freddy, Springtrap, or Foxy will appear. In the original horror game, they will attack and destroy you. However, you have a chance to pay off by shooting them down.


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