About Scary Huggy Playtime

Scary Huggy Playtime is a horror adventure game in which you can transform into a human or a Huggy. Hide if you are a human and find a human if you are Huggy.

In this game, you will have two choices: Human or Huggy. Choose the character you want to be in this game and take part in thrilling missions. If you want to be a defender then be a human and if you want to be an attacker then be a Huggy.

If you become a human, you need to escape Huggy's pursuit by transforming into one of the proposed objects. You can choose one of the objects like airplanes, trash cans, Rubiks or some other toys. Find a place you think is safe and stay there. You have 15 seconds to hide and try to survive for 1 minute 31 seconds to win. Besides, you have some companions. If all humans are found, you will lose.

If you become Huggy, you will have to track down the human in 1 minute 31 seconds. If you can't find them within the allotted time, you lose.

In addition, you can earn gold coins if you win the rounds. Use the collected coins to upgrade time and speed.

Who is Huggy?

Huggy, known as Huggy Wuggy, is a tall, blue creature. he has a big head and a slim figure. The disproportion of his body made him monstrous. In particular, the bright red oversized lips always make players obsessed. Besides, his teeth are also a disgusting feature. The teeth are yellow and uneven.

Huggy is a ruthless killer. He always had a smile on his face while chasing and killing anyone. It is believed that Huggy was created by experiments on objects. Scientists want to create a toy that is close to children. They can interact with humans. However, instead of a friendly toy, a scary toy was born.

How to control: Use your mouse to play this game


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