About SCP-096 Modest

SCP-096 Modest is a horror survival game in which you need to control your character to escape the pursuit of SCP-096 Modest and survive until help arrives.

In this horror game, your task is to try to survive within the allotted time to wait for outside help. The base is eerily quiet. No sound is emitted. You seem to hear your own heartbeat.

You are the last survivor in this secret scientific research facility. Scientists have created a mystical being, known as SCP-096 Modest. He is an anthropomorphic and emotionally disturbed creature. He always let out scary screams and groans. Modest 096 was supposed to be locked in his room, but he escaped. He killed almost everyone on the base. You are the last survivor in this base. Try to survive to escape from this scary place. Run and use your flashlight. When you hear a groan, SCP-096 Modest is very close to you!

Do you dare to join this horror game? The SCP-096 Modest game will bring horror but fascinating moments to the experience. The sounds of SCP-096 Modest are very frightening. It can be haunting for players. Because of this, this game is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

How to control

  • Move: WASD or arrow keys
  • F: flashlight
  • Space bar: jump
  • Esc: pause the menu
  • E: enter

This game was released in July 2019 by DarkPlay. Since its launch, this horror game is causing controversy. Many people think that the plot is somewhat fictional and unattractive. However, many people still consider this game to be one of the most impressive games for them.


What is SCP-096 Modest?

SCP-096 Modest is an action horror game. You will have to try to survive until outside help. In addition, SCP-096 Modest is also the name of the monster in this game. It is a product of the scientists in the base. However, it is the cause of the destruction of this scientific base.

Is SCP-096 Modest free?

The SCP-096 Modest game is free when you access our website.


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