About Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space

Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space is a new version of Slenderman Must Die. Collect 13 energy cells to return to your planet and use your weapons to kill mutants!

Welcome to the sequel to the Slenderman Must Die series where you can take on horror and adventure challenges! After battles in The Dawn Of Slenderman, Slenderman still exists. He continues to commit crimes everywhere. Are you ready to join this game?

First released in June 2014, this game can only be played on Windows, WebGL version was only released in March 2019. This version is still in development by Poison Games. This game promises to be an exciting survival night. The setting is an abandoned space station.

In this version, you live in the year 2496. Your spaceship is traveling through space when it suddenly runs out of energy. As the crew leader, you've decided to stop at an abandoned space station in search of energy. However, when you come here, you realize that this space station is not abandoned, but it has become home to countless mysterious and scary creatures.

Your Main Task 

From the beginning of the game, you find yourself in an abandoned base. When entering this space station, you must use your weapon to destroy other mutants and find 13 energy cells. However, there are complex roads. Objects are scattered everywhere. You only have a small gun with 70 bullets. The number of ammo is limited, but the danger is limitless. Therefore, collect as many items as possible before any threats come your way. Let's collect the energy tubes. These tubes are cylindrical in shape. Inside it, there is a light blue liquid.

The mutants will appear slowly. Initially, you may only encounter 1 mutant. However, mutants appear more and more. At that time, your gun may not meet the needs of combat. This is when you need to find more effective weapons. New weapons can lie anywhere. You can use high-tech weapons. Besides, Creep is a significant opponent. Find Creep and use weapons to destroy him. Good luck!

Tips for playing Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space

Collect ammo along the way as much as possible

Brown barriers can be destroyed with a single shot

Health can be restored over time

You can also collect health bags to improve your character's health

How to control

  • WASD to Move 
  • Mouse to Shoot, look, and AIM 
  • F key to pick up items 
  • Spacebar to Jump

Do you choose to play Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space or Five Nights At Freddy's?

Both these games are sequels to two popular horror game series. You must have heard of these series if you are a fan of this game genre. A question arises: Which game will be more interesting? In this case, take Five Nights At Freddy's 2 to compare with this version of Dead Space. In FNAF 2, you will have to survive 5 nights. You don't have to do any other tasks. Meanwhile, this Slenderman game requires you to survive and perform the assigned task at the same time. This is the first difference between these two games. Second, FNAF 2 will provide you with minigames to explore the game's backstory while this game will introduce it at the beginning of the story. These two games are different. However, each game has its own charm. Therefore, it is impossible to say which game is better than the other.


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