About Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste


Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste is an active game where you are a soldier. You are lost in an industrial area and face the strange creatures. 

Are you a brave person, Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste will help you prove it. In this game, you are a brave soldier, and you are lost in a strange area that has strange creatures. What should you do to escape from that? Finding 9 papers will help you find the exit. On your way, beware the slenderman because they can attack you from anywhere. Therefore, keep looking around any time. Moreover, pick up the ammo to fight and power cans to recover your health. You can try to run away from the slenderman if it is necessary. Don’t let the enemies come close to you because it is hard to aim at them. 

Don’t wait anymore, come to Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste to help the soldier escape from the terrible monsters. Good luck! 

Features of Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste

  • 3D graphics attract players
  • Find 9 papers to escape
  • The sound effects and music are good 

How to play

  • Press W A S D to walk 
  • Move the mouse o look around 
  • Left mouse button to attack 
  • Right mouse button to block the attack 
  • F to interact with objects 
  • Left shift to run 
  • Left CTRL to crouch 
  • Space bar to jump

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