About Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste

Play Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste as a soldier. You have to fight strange creatures in an industrial area. Explore the new appearance of Slenderman!

The game was released in September 2016. It is an improved version of the Slenderman Must Die series. This new version is based on The Dawn Of Slenderman game. Continue the endless towns with Slenderman. This version promises to bring more experiences when taking you to a whole new area.

When the Five Night At Freddy (FNAF) series monopolized the top spot of the horror game charts, it was often said that playing FNAF was to prove one's bravery. In particular, the above sentence became even more popular when Five Nights At Freddy's 2 was born. However, thanks to the advent of the Slenderman series, you have one more option to prove your courage. Are you brave? Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste will help you prove it. In this game, you are a brave soldier, and you are lost in a strange land inhabited by strange creatures. This land is spread to be inhabited by strange creatures. They were lucky to survive the battle at The Dawn of Slenderman. You are not so lucky, you have strayed into the most dangerous place. What should you do to get rid of that? This land has always been gloomy and dark. You cannot see at a distance. Besides, you always find something strange happening around you. However, you neither see nor detect anything. Grab your weapons and be ready to fight at any moment!

How to beat Slenderman in Industrial Waste

In this game, your task is to find 9 pages. These 9 pages will help you find your way out of this strange land. Victory comes to you right after. On your way, beware of sneaks as they can attack you from anywhere. Therefore, keep looking around at any time. Furthermore, pick up ammo to fight and energy cans to restore your health. You can try to run away from the robot if necessary. Don't let enemies get close to you because it's hard to aim at them.

Don't wait any longer, come to this action horror game to help the soldier escape from the terrible monsters. Good luck!

How to control

  • Press W A S D to walk 
  • Move the mouse to look around 
  • Left mouse button to attack 
  • Right mouse button to block the attack 
  • F to interact with objects 
  • Left shift to run 
  • Left CTRL to crouch 
  • Space bar to jump

New Appearance of Slenderman 


Slenderman is back with a new look. It seems that it was the environment that made Slenderman what it is now. Industrial waste area with toxic substances has changed the creatures here. Slenderman still appeared with a proper suit, but his face was invisible and white. His tall and coarse build made it easier for him to see in all directions. In particular, in this version, Slenderman appears with strange tentacles on his back. It's like the tentacles of an octopus. Slenderman's scary appearance became even more terrifying than before. Besides, he's not alone. He also has the support of other mutants. The brown animals resemble chimpanzees. They move slowly but have great damage.


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