About Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest

Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest is developed in Feb 2019 by danygames.com. Kill a Slenderman while collecting all 8 pages in the forest to gain victory.

A new version of the game Slederman Must Die was born after the success of Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space. As the name implies, you must kill Slenderman to win. However, each version will have its own requirements. Are you curious about the requirements of this version? Let's start and enjoy this game now.

Fight in Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest with 2 game modes 

In this game, you can choose a day or night theme. The silent forest has a difference between night and day. Explore the area and its neighborhoods such as abandoned buildings and campsites. At night, you can see jumpscares and scary sounds. At this time, Slenderman is very difficult to destroy. In contrast, on your day, you don't have jumpscares or scary sounds. Slenderman is very easy to kill. You need to complete the day mode to unlock the night mode.

Then, you will go on a dangerous adventure in the jungle to find 8 pages and destroy the Slenderman. Go find pieces of paper. Note that you should look at the abandoned houses in this forest because that's where the pages are usually located.

Besides, remember to use weapons to destroy enemies and avoid their attacks. You can find weapons like M1911, AK47, Shotgun, and MP5. Run away from dangerous species. Hide to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Use weapons to destroy enemies. Collect 8 pages to complete the mission.

The forest was eerily quiet. Can you complete the mission and destroy Slenderman? Keep trying hard!

How to control

  • WASD to move 
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button to aim
  • Q&E key to lean to shoot
  • X key to prone
  • F to interact with items


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