About Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021

Play Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021 to find evidence to prove that spiderman exists in the world. Collect 8 tablets to complete your mission!

Welcome to the world of horror adventures, Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021 can give you many different feelings. Underground Bunker is a new version of the Slenderman Must Die series. This game was launched in January 2021 by Poison Games. This developer is popular for The Dawn Of Slenderman game.

In this game, you need to find 8 tablets that can prove Slenderman's existence. Each tablet is protected by two terrible creatures. You need to kill them all and get the tablet. Be careful with their attacks. Your health may be exhausted before you discover the pills. You can improve your health with foods like burgers, milk, etc. from the room. You cannot open some doors without a key. Try to find the key. When you find all 8 tablets, you can go to the red arrow and exit the underground bunker.

Come to the game and find 8 tablets to let everyone know Slenderman exists. Good luck!

How to control

  • Press WASD to walk around
  • Move the mouse to look around
  • Press the left mouse button to attack
  • Click the right mouse button to aim
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons
  • Press the F key to select the item
  • Press Left Shift to run
  • Press left CTRL to bow
  • Press the spacebar to jump

Scary Appearance of Slenderman 

Around the area where you live, mysterious disappearances keep happening. You are the first and only person to witness one of these mysterious disappearances. It was caused by a strange creature. He is tall and thin. His face was white and shapeless. However, no one believes your story. So you decided to go to the underground base to find evidence. You want to prove his existence, Slenderman.

In particular, Slenderman returns with a different appearance. Four spider legs grew on his back. These strange legs are always moving through the air. Besides, four sharp horns grew on his face. Weird and scary!


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