About Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021


Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021 is an adventure game where you have to find the proof to prove that slenderman exists in the world.

Welcome to the world of horror adventures, Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021 can bring to you a variety of feelings. In this game, you need to find out 8 tablets that can prove the slender man's existence. Each tablet is protected by two terrible creatures, you need to kill all of them and take the tablets. Be careful with their attacks, your health can run out of before you find out the tablets. You can improve your health with the food like burgers, milk, etc from the rooms. You can’t open some doors without keys, try to find the keys. When you find enough 8 tablets, you can go to the red arrow and escape from the underground bunker.

Let’s come to the game and find out 8 tablets to people know the splenderman’s existence. Good luck! 

Features of Slenderman Must Die: Underground Bunker 2021

  • 3D graphics bring the real emotion
  • The sound effects and music are cool
  • Collecting the tablets and killing the enemies 

How to play

  • Press WASD to walk around 
  • Move the mouse to look around 
  • Click the left mouse button to attack 
  • Click the right mouse button to aim 
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons 
  • Press F key to pick up items 
  • Press left Shift to run 
  • Press left CTRL to crouch 
  • Press space bar to jump

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