About Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear

Play Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear to transform into spiderman or Freddy while collecting pizza! You can choose your favorite character and start a battle.

Are you a fan of the Five Night at Freddy's game? Are you a fan of The Dawn Of Slenderman game? These two games seem to have nothing to do with each other. However, they were combined together to create an attractive game, called Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear. Come to this game for a chance to experience the challenges and adventures of both the main characters in the two games mentioned above. You will see the appearance of both Slenderman and Freddy. Start this game now and enjoy the challenge!

Slenderman or Freddy? The right to choose is up to you

You can choose between Slenderman or Freddy in this game. You're not just Slenderman's rival anymore. Now you have a chance to be Slenderman himself. Besides, you can also choose to become a Freddy. Besides, you can also play alternately each character to experience a new feeling. The number of character choices is unlimited. You are completely free to choose your favorite character.

If you are a Slenderman, you will need to destroy the Freddys. Try to collect 8 pizzas to complete the mission. Freddy's arrival is threatening Slenderman's position at the top. He will break into Freddy's base and beat his friend. However, you need to be careful. The Freddys always want to destroy you. In addition, Freddy is not alone. Freddy's friends may also appear. You need to focus in the dark to detect any strange movements. It could be a sign that Freddy is about to appear.

Besides that, you can change your role to become Freddy. In Five Nights Freddy's 2, this animatronics character will attack the player. However, this survival game is different. If you become this animatronic, your opponent will be Slenderman. Slenderman is always looking for a way to destroy you. He thinks you are threatening his position. Avoid Slenderman's attack. In addition to protecting yourself and killing Slenderman, you also need to collect all 8 notes to complete the mission.

Surprising Attraction of this game

This game is a horror-action game with fantastic sound and effects. You can experience the combination of two famous games between Slenderman and Freddy. You will play this game in the third person. Thanks to the engaging horror gameplay and high-quality 3D graphics, this game has become a hot trend right from its launch in July 2018.

Moreover, this game is released by Kiz10.com. You can see familiar images in the game design section. There is grass in the dark forest where your enemies can appear at any time. Besides, the notes with drawings and scribbles.

How to control

  • WASD to move 
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button to aim
  • Q&E key to lean to shoot
  • X key to prone
  • F to interact with items

Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear has more quests. Therefore, you will need to use more controls in the game. However, this number of control buttons is still simple for you to master. As long as you play a few times, you can control your character easily.


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