About Squid Game Big Pain

Squid Game Big Pain is an attractive arcade game in which you have to protect yourself from the guillotine. Complete all 15 levels to gain 1.000.000 dollars.

This game is inspired by the famous Korean movie, Squid Game. Squid Game was released in 2021 and created a hot trend during that time. This drama is a new drama about a mysterious survival game with a reward of up to 45.6 billion won (approximately 40 million USD). The film has always been known as a dark and ruthless survival horror film, inspired by the popular game in 1980s Korea.

The Squid Game is attracted hundreds of people who are facing unemployment and have no money to live on. So they all received an invitation to participate in the squid game for children. If you win, you will get a number of billions of won. There is a simple rule that most players don't anticipate. The participants in the Squid Game were all taken to a strange place and locked up there. The winner will receive a huge amount of money. Behind such a small game is a price to pay with their lives that many people do not know and register to participate.

Rules of Squid Game Big Pain

In this Big Pain game, you also participate in such a competition. However, this contest is an individual contest, only you can enter. You will have to use his hand to grasp the amount of money floating in the air. However, it is never easy. In between you and the money, there is a guillotine. It works on certain principles. It will work a few times and rest for a beat before the next activity takes place. You need to take advantage of this time to get the money on the other side. You need to do it fast. If you are slow, the guillotine will cut off your hand. You have 2 hands, so you have 2 times to try porcelain. Move the hand, take the money and return safely. Can you overcome this challenge?

This game has 15 different levels. Through level 1, you get 1 dollar. Level 2 gives you 2 dollars. 5 dollars is the amount of level 3. Finally, you will get a reward of 1 million dollars if you win in level 15. Good luck!

How to control: Slide your mouse to move your hand. Click the left mouse button to grasp money.


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