About Sushi Party

Have you ever thought that snakes are also very cute? Sushi Party will bring to you a colourful snake. Do you believe that snake eats sushi? It is true in this game. Feed the snakes with sushi. Sushi appears everywhere along the road. You just need to control the snake to go through the sushi to be able to eat it. Be careful with other hungry snakes. They are also looking for food and your lovely snake can also become their meal.

How to play Sushi Party

Your task is to control the snake to eat sushi at the party. Be quick to avoid the approaching ferocious snakes. The head of the snake is the weakest part. So you must not let the snake's head touch the body of other snakes. In addition, you can take advantage of this weakness to attack other players.

When playing the game, you can follow your rank with a small leaderboard at the top left corner of the screen.

The more you eat, the bigger your snake will be. As the snake gets bigger, it also moves slower. Do not worry! You can speed up by pressing the left mouse. However, speeding up will cause you to consume a lot of food and shrink. Please speed up reasonably to avoid shrinking the size of the snake.

Some notes to play this game

  • You can customize your snake with different colours.
  • Don't forget to enter your username before joying a match. Get your name on top of the leaderboard
  • Put a hat on your snake to be cooler. You need to collect enough given hats to unlock new hats in the shop.
  • There are many achievements for you to acquire. After finishing an achievement, you will get a mysterious ball. These balls will provide you with some new hats.

Game control

  • Swipe the mouse to move
  • Press the left mouse to speed up.


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