About The House Of Evil Granny

Play The House Of Evil Granny to escape from a house of Evil Granny by finding the key to open the door. She will find you until you are eliminated. Let’s run!

This game is released in Aug 2019 by Kiz10.com. The gameplay of this game is not similar to the survival gameplay of Five Nights At Freddy's 3 or the shooter gameplay of Resident of Evil. Instead, you will participate in an escape.

The horror of Grandy's house

One day, when you wake up and you are locked in an old house of a terrible old woman. This house is very scary. The walls and furniture were covered with dust. Objects move automatically as if someone is using them. The beds had people lying on them but they were covered with a white blanket. You cannot see who is lying there. Sometimes you even see the ghosts of children playing. You can also hear scary screams.

However, the horror did not stop there. You will see an Evil Granny. This woman is wearing an old white dress. The white dress had red splatters like blood stains. Granny has a scary face and no hair. She always holds a stick and is ready to attack her friends when she meets them. What would you do in this situation? Are you still awake enough to find a way out of this place?

Your task in The House Of Evil Granny

Finding the key and unlocking all the doors is what you should do in this game. There are many useful items in this game, you should collect them and keys. The key is used to unlock the door and the front door to get out. A tip for you is to open all the drawers in every room, you can find many useful things. Do your best to run away from grandma unless you have a weapon. If you find a hammer, you can hit grandma for 15 seconds.

In addition, you can hit the granny with a hammer. However, the hammer only stopped her for a moment.

You have 1000 health. When you are attacked by Granny, your health will decrease. A first aid box or a can of water on the road can help you restore health. Try to find these useful items. In addition, you can run away when you see Granny. She moves slower than you.

How to control

  • WASD to walk 
  • Mouse to look 
  • Left mouse button to attack 
  • Right mouse button to block the attack 
  • F to interact with objects 
  • Left shift to run 
  • Left CTRL to crouch 
  • X to prone 
  • Space to jump


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