About Window: Horror Game

Window: Horror Game is a fascinating horror arcade game in which you need to choose one of the front windows. You win when there is no one behind the window.

Come to this horror game to enjoy relaxing as well as thrilling moments. You have the task of opening the window in front of you. Watch your luck as there is a ghost behind some doors and others not. Choose nothing window to win! Good luck!

There are many different levels. The higher the level, the higher the number of windows. Therefore, the win rate will gradually decrease. If you open a window with a ghost, you lose. The game will record your highest level. After losing, you will move back to stage 1. Start the game again and continue the fight. Complete as many levels as possible.

The Window: Horror Game is based on a dark theme with a ghost. This ghost is a girl with upside-down eyes. Her face seemed to be smiling all the time. However, the childish smile brings fear to the player. Come to this game to enjoy the excitement and the joy of exploring behind the scary window. Every time you open the window, the door does not open immediately. It will dim and reopen twice before officially opening fully. It's like someone is behind a closed door.

Besides, you can enjoy this game with easy controls. You just need to left-click on the window you want to select. Do you dare to participate in all the levels? There are different levels for you to conquer! Are you ready?

How to control: Use a mouse click to open the window and wait for the result.

Release date: April 2020

Developer: Richreator


How do you play Window: Horror Game?

To play the game Window: Horror Game, you just need to use your mouse to click on the window you want. The window will open. If there's no one behind the door, you win. Conversely, you lose if there is a ghost behind the window.

Who is the founder of Window: Horror Game?

This game was released by Richreator in April 2020.


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