About Yellow Baby Horror Hide & Seek

Yellow Baby Horror Hide & Seek is a horror adventure game. Become the yellow baby care nanny and discover the secret of this house and baby.

In this game, you will transform into a nanny. You are hired to take care of a golden child because its parents are busy with work. You can see the tasks the nanny has to do in the top corner of the screen. Do these jobs. You can bathe, care for, feed, and play with this baby. You will also get some relaxing tasks like watching TV or resting on the sofa.

However, after playing for a long time, you will see strange objects appear in the house. That is the time when the child becomes scared of the monstrous face and mask. The child will become a murderer. In particular, the baby has toys as its guardians. These toys will help your baby attack you. Try to survive every day in this house. Note do not leave the toy next to the baby when going to sleep, the baby will take revenge on you after becoming scary. The reason is that the baby loves these toys very much.

You can leave after the third day. However, the kid doesn't want you to leave, so the final mission to escape the house will be very difficult. You will have to use all your abilities to get out of here.

Yellow Baby's Appearance

As the name suggests, Yellow Babby always wears a yellow suit. Although he was a child, his face always exuded mystery. Yellow Baby's eyes have huge dark circles. When Yellow Baby becomes scary, he will appear with a savage smile on his lips. He was always happy to chase someone.

How to control: Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard


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